Viralyn S. Reston – Customer Service Representative

viralyn-reston-profileI am Viralyn Reston, someone who works passionately as a customer service representative. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology. As such, I know how to deal with people and a variety of different personalities.

As a customer service representative, I have encountered challenging situations with various clients in different settings. I know that these clients have their own difficulties, so it is my responsibility to understand and assist them to the extent of my abilities. I would also like to point out that there are instances that helping a client would seem impossible, however at the end of the day, I always see to it that I provide them with the best possible outcome that I can.

As a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology, I am equipped with the skills in dealing with people of different personalities, thus I could empathise better with them and in return could develop rapport with clients. As someone who knows how to understand and empathise with others, I know that I could be an asset when it comes to interacting with people both individual or group.

As a future Virtual Assistant, I feel that the skills that I have learned from being a customer service representative would also come handy with this field, as both have elements of assisting. I am also someone who is easy to train if needed. Learning new things is very important when you are a customer service representative and I also feel that the same applies to being a virtual assistant. I also understand that to become a VA, one needs to be reliable when it comes to finishing the tasks on time.

Upon looking into myself further, I think the edge that I have are not only my work experience or my education. I take pride in my enthusiasm and willingness to be part of the VA team. Another thing that you should learn about me is that I am goal-oriented and I always see to it that I meet the standards being set. I am someone who wants to excel in everything that I do, no matter how generic it may seem.

I don’t give up when I am tired, I only give up when I am finished.

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