Writer’s block happens to the best of us. You stare at your computer for ages hoping to come up with words but all you get is a blank page and a blinking cursor. You try to compose a few phrases but can’t seem to finish your sentences. You type something and then delete everything. It’s a vicious cycle.  It’s as if your train of thoughts have turned dull and all your creative juices have spilled down the drain. But don’t worry, every great writer in the world has been there. It’s completely normal.

If you’re a content writer struggling with writer’s block, here are a few simple ways to overcome it.

Find a creative diversion

Whenever you’re having difficulty composing your thoughts, it’s best not to force the words out, otherwise you’ll just end up having a badly written article. Step away from your computer for a while and do something creative. It could be something else that you enjoy doing such as drawing, painting, editing pictures, playing musical instruments, or anything that inspires you. Doing something creative other than writing can help get your mojo back.

Write something else

If you’re stuck on a topic and don’t know even know how to start your article, try to write something else. Choose a topic that you’re more comfortable with. Oftentimes, writer’s block happens because of lack of knowledge and familiarity. It’s always easier to work on something that you already know.

Listen to music

Music keeps the mind active if you know the right ones to listen to. Instrumental and classical music can help calm your nerves and clear your mind. It enhances your mood and allows you to keep your focus. When writing, make sure to lower the volume so that the music is just playing in the background. Avoid listening to loud and heavy music such as rock, pop, and alternative as those provide distraction rather than inspiration.

Change your environment

Environmental factors can be a trigger too, especially if the area is not conducive for writing. Try to move around and find a different writing spot. It could be a different room in your house or a new café down town. Sometimes a change of scenery can work wonders, especially if you’re running out of creative juices.

Rest and Recharge

If all else fail, just take a break and rest for a while. Stress can also be a contributing factor to your lack of creativity. Listen to your body and never force yourself to write if you are not in the mood to do so. Remember, if your body is tired, so is your brain. Just give it a rest and try to relax for a couple of minutes. You can even grab some snack and sip a cup of coffee. Once you’ve recharged, go ahead and try writing again.

Here are a few bonus tricks you can do to easily kick writer’s block out of your system:

  1. Play a game
  2. Talk to someone
  3. Get up and do some stretching
  4. Read a book
  5. Research more about the topic you want to write

There are many more ways to help you overcome this spell. The key is to keep your brain active and create momentum. Once you’re starting to pick up the pace, go ahead and write. Before you know it, you’ll be typing the last dot on the page and hitting save.