Adiyoga Purwayanto Subarjo – Account Officer

adiyoga-purwayanto-subarjo-profileHi, my name is Adiyoga Purwayanto Subarjo. Sorry if the name is very long! You can call me Adiyoga. I was born in the first oil city in Central Java, Indonesia, Cepu. My city was founded by Mr. Adrian Stoop during the Dutch colonial era.

I am the first child of two siblings. I was a quiet child. My parents would always scold me when I made mistakes and quite often I got hit with a towel. I talked more when I was in front of my friends. I’m was not a smart kid in school. I needed to study hard in order to get good grades. I still remember how happy I was when I got a perfect score in third grade!

When I was in Junior High School, I was chosen to be the vice chairman of an intra-school student organisation. This is where I first started my organisational life. I had to complete financial reports, made plans for each student activity, and submitted funds to the principal for each activity. The most difficult was to make a report about the results of student activities. I also represented the head of the organisation if he could not attend every activity.

Still in High School, I was elected as general secretary of an intra-school organisation. I wrote letters to all Junior High School students in the city. We sent invitations to schools, planned a schedule of activities, wrote all the results of meetings, made reports of activity responsibility, and conducted an evaluation after the activity. I also helped the treasurer make financial reports.

adiyoga-purwayanto-subarjo-workAfter I graduated, I studied basic English. I studied for only 6 months. Because I was born from a poor family, I knew that my parents’ money was not enough to cover more studies, so I decided to just learn the basics.

After graduating, I looked for a job. I was hired to work as an account officer at a communications services company. My job was to make daily financial reports and balance the stock from the warehouse with the target sales. I also wrote the achievements of all sales targets, met with new clients and wrote sales daily incentives. Every month I had to make a sales payroll and send it to the HR department. Through my hard work, I was promoted to become a marketing supervisor in the same company. After 1 year and 3 months, I decided to resign because there was no salary increase.

A few days after resigning, I got an offer as a courier at a new company, but after only two months, I was promoted to customer service. I received training for 3 weeks to know my duties and how to deal with customers. I was also given a week to practice field work. A year later I resigned because there was a training scholarship from the Ministry of Oil and Gas to become an operator crane available. I joined the training and later worked as a crane operator assistant and crane operator. But I had to quit over concerns I had due to there being many work accidents occurring in my workplace.

I got another offer to become a sales-taking order in the famous food and beverage sector in Indonesia. I accepted the offer. Here I got the chance to visit all the stores and mini-markets that have collaborated with the company and record all their orders. I visited once every 2 weeks. I had to make a daily report about customer orders, made a return invoice if there were items that would expire and made sure all customers paid before the next order. I needed resign because my father became ill and I had to look after him at home. That was when I decided to look for a job online.

Finally, I found a vacancy as a Virtual Assistant. I wanted to apply for administration, sales and customer service. It is a big adjustment, but I am happy that I can now work from home. This is the job I dreamed of before – to look after my parents and work at the same time.

Thank you for reading my story.

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