Aira Tan – Graphic Design

Hi – I’m Aira… and this is my story…

I was actually a singer before I became a professional online graphic designer. I used to compete nationally and, not bragging, I would usually win. I was on my way in the big leagues… but I ended up letting the opportunity go. Let me explain – being a singing sensation isn’t just about opening your mouth up and letting the music flow. It’s about not having a life outside of that arena. I was forced to practice long hours – often until late, and was pushed more and more, aiming constantly for perfection. As this demand for perfection was constantly being dragged out of me, my heart wasn’t in it anymore. And I started to feel that my success was not for my sake, but more about other’s expectations and reputation.

After that there were no more classics and beating myself half to death because I had to win the next competition. I started singing my own genre for acoustic bands and enjoying music again – just not at the level needed to be a serious performer. And I was finally having fun!

I’m sporty – a real kinesthetic! On top of the singing I was a Varsity from grade school through to senior high. After volleyball, I just had to do other sports, and not waste my time sitting down!

When I got to college I got busy in my advertising course, painting, sketching, sculpting… which – let’s be honest here; it’s college! – lead to drinking and hanging out and smoking cigarettes just to stay awake painting some big ass portrait while listening to Collective Soul and drinking coffee or beer.

Now love life… we don’t all get to experience the ‘happily ever after’. So yes, I’ve had some not-so-great relationships in my time… but the beautiful thing is that I got my angel – my daughter. And I cannot express just how happy I am that God gave her to me.

I was 25 and I didn’t even know that I was pregnant! I was jogging, running around ‘doing life’ – even playing frisbee! Then I had a pregnancy test with positive results. Unfortunately, the response from my parents wasn’t so positive! They were disappointed because I was a graduating student and they didn’t want my life to be what I had chosen… short story: we had a big fight. But family is family and we sorted it out.

The father of my girl wasn’t interested in being involved with her, so I let him be and moved forward. I don’t like forcing people to do what they don’t want. And I let alone people who think themselves above others and assume everything should be their way with no consideration of others. My philosophy is: let’s move forward and better ourselves.

My parents took me in after that.

I have three siblings, one boy and two girls. Our family loves to joke around. My Dad, my brother and I are part of the local Dragon Boat Team (I told you I was kinesthetic!!!). We are a team of newbies mixed with experienced (well-known) team members.I am very pleased to say we have won races repeatedly and have become one of the top teams in our region! Invitations to local and national competition have been piling up and we are excited and fired up. I really love being a part of the team because everyone is having a good time but still pumped to train hard. Our support for each other is just wonderful.

Apart from Dragon Boating and my beautiful daughter, I also love graphic artwork and seeing my clients delighted with my creatives. I hope you’ll consider me for a position within your team.

For a copy of Aira’s resume please click here.