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Justine Macarat

Justine Macarat - Web Developer and Graphic Designer Hi, I’m Justine! Born on January 16, 1998 to two loving parents. I’m the second child of the three siblings. ‘Tres Marias’, they call us since we are all girls. While my siblings grew up watching Barbie and playing dress up games, I spent most of my time watching Power Rangers [...]


Alyssa Roxanne Tuangco

Alyssa Roxanne Tuangco - Graphic Artist and Videographer Hi, I'm Alyssa! Born October 10, 1991 to two talented parents, I am an only child. I was raised alone by my mum while my father worked abroad to provide a great future. What I am today was because of how I was raised and I thank my parents for that. [...]


Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris - Graphic Designer My name is Jillian and I am a graphic designer, mother, wife, lover of nature and I love living an active lifestyle. I provide graphic design services including logo design, infographics, web banners, business cards, menus, brochures, workbooks, ebooks, social media graphics and more! I have over 15 years of design experience, with 4 [...]


J.J. Joyce Villareal

J.J. Joyce Villareal - Graphic Designer and Marketer Hello, I'm J.J. Once upon a time, the heavens had a garden filled with buds of different types of flowers, and every time human beings prayed and wished for a child God would ask the Angels to pick a flower from the garden and deliver it down to the human world. [...]


Emannuel Saligue

Emannuel Tumala Saligue - Web Developer and Programmer Hello - I'm Emannuel :) To start my story let me tell you about my childhood. I am the eldest son to my fine parents. I was born and raised in a province that lacked the latest technology... but what I could access fascinated me. For example, my Grandma had a [...]


Aira Tan

Aira Tan - Graphic Design Hi - I'm Aira... and this is my story... I was actually a singer before I became a professional online graphic designer. I used to compete nationally and, not bragging, I would usually win. I was on my way in the big leagues... but I ended up letting the opportunity go. Let me explain [...]