April Escototo – Content Writer and Transcriptionist

april-escototo-content-writer“A single mother has a backbone made of steel and a heart made of gold.” – Anonymous

I was the eldest among three siblings, having my mother as the only one working for us. It is simply amazing how she was able to send all of us to private schools, give us all we needed (and sometimes, our wants as well), and be the best mother every kid would like to have. I am just astounded of how great she is.

In return, I did my best to help her, especially financially. Lucky enough, the company where she was working before offered scholarship programs where two chosen children of their employees are given the chance to study in high school at their preferred school, and the company would cover the tuition fee. I was able to enjoy my high school years because of that, as we had initial plans of transferring me to a public school due to some financial challenges.

I graduated from high school as the class Valedictorian, earning more medals than I could even pin on my whole chest! I performed well in academics, representing my school at various competitions. That all paid off as I am the only student of our batch that was ever admitted to the best university in the country, the University of the Philippines. The struggle, hours of sleepless nights and cramming helped me graduate with Latin honours from this university, with a degree in Political Science.

However, as the saying goes, you cannot have everything in life! I may be a good person when it comes to academics, but I also have downfalls. This is personal, but yes, as the quote above states, I am a single mum. Unfortunately, I am now processing my separation with my ex-husband and I am the only one who supports my child.

I have a lot of experience working – 11 years of work experience in fact. I have the knowledge and skills relevant to a wide range of professional fields. I have experience in performing administrative tasks as I have worked both in an office and BPO setup. I have skills for customer service from financial companies, to automotive setup and recently, with BPO and call centre environments. On top of that, I am proficient at using Microsoft Office, especially Excel, as it is the main tool that I am use with my current position in the BPO company.

Given my vast experience, I have used other tools as well for other job delegations like Google Apps (Mail, Spreadsheet, Drive), Dropbox, Weebly, WordPress, Trello, Zoom, Skype for Business, Canva and other applications and website editors. I am versatile when it comes to skills. I can be a data analyst and writer. As of this moment, I am exhausting all efforts to further develop my skills and enhance the knowledge that I currently have.

I completed some VA tasks for some clients that were on a short contract basis, and I used that work to learn more and become familiar with the type of tasks relevant to being a Virtual Assistant. As of now, I am looking forward in becoming a full-time work from home Mum so that I can have more time with my kid. I would like to see her go to school, do homework with her, and spend more quality time with her. She is my everything, and I will make sure that her world is a happy one. That is why I am striving hard to provide for her needs and wants, to give her quality education and be a good parent to her.

I can love both my kid and my job. Allow me to share my love and dedication with your company, too. I am very much looking forward to joining you on a journey to success.

Thank you.

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