April Villabeto – Nurse

april-villabeto-formalHi, I am April Villabeto, a registered nurse from the Philippines. If you have time, I want to share my story with you.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and I completed it with flying colours. Since college days, I was unknowingly honed to be a leader and serve my fellows. I was hoping and aspiring back then that I was cut out for it. Since then, I have also discovered my devotion for quality and accuracy in doing things. I saw that the small details are what forms the beauty and wonder of the bigger picture. It gives value to the outcome of someone’s hard work. Up until now, I am able to use that mindset and attitude towards whatever tasks I handle.

I have experienced several challenges before I became an officially registered nurse, but nevertheless, I became successful in achieving it. However, challenges never stopped there. I started working as a volunteer nurse and applied for employment in different hospitals for several years. Even though I know I have improved myself in my field, I felt like I was less valued and compensated unfairly. I accepted the risk leaving my family to work abroad. I was determined that there was more to everything that I am and all it takes was the need to step out of my comfort zone, and a little leap of faith.

I was assigned in the Emergency Room (ER) and Adult ICU for 2 years since I love challenges and the adrenaline rush. My patience, efficiency, and accuracy were all tested, and I gratefully came out victorious. I have encountered different kinds of patients in the triage area and treatment rooms, some are yelling at me, some are crying in pain, and not to mention the lack of available beds inside the ER and irate patients, emergency cases to respond to, emotional situations after a patient death, and busy people and environment. I needed to focus and prioritise all things at once without compromising on anything or anyone. It felt that everything is so important and not to be missed, and that they must be completed on time. It became a routine and part of my system. Just a simple thank you and a smile from my patients as signs of gratitude and satisfaction, or a treated and discharged patient in good condition under my care and service, was the stress-reliever part.

I was noticed and got to be part of the auditing and nursing quality team by the administration. Moreover, I was also offered to lend a helping hand and be a part-timer in the Risk Management division of Quality department since they lack people. I was managing and processing hospital wide incident reports for both clinical and non-clinical cases sent through an email medium and auditing medical files on the other hand. I was self-learning in Risk Management at that time since my supervisor was remarkably busy. Eventually after 3 months of what seems like a probationary period for me, I was officially transferred to Quality
Department to focus on what I love doing.

It felt fulfilling facilitating salary issues of the staff, supply chain issues of the hospital, doing rounds with Facility Management team, and investigating and dealing with medical and medication errors. I became a problem-solver. My hard work even paid off when I was given the Best Caregiver award. It felt good to be appreciated for my efforts.

Additionally, the following are the list of basic skills I acquired in my work experience.

• Data Entry
• Email Management
• Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio)
• Create PowerPoint Presentations
• Create Workflow Diagrams

The following are the attributes developed over years of experience and training:

• Time-management
• Prioritisation
• Efficiency
• Professionalism
• Patience
• Hard work, determination, and passion
• Goal-oriented
• Focused and detail-oriented
• Fast-learner
• Problem-solver and critical thinker
• Good Communication and interpersonal skills
• Independence and teamwork
• Customer service and satisfaction

april-villabeto-bondingIn summary, working abroad, learning new things even up to beyond my expectations, and meeting different personalities, was a mix of gratitude, fulfillment, contentment, and exhaustion. A bittersweet experience and yet the best turning point of my life.

Now, I am enthusiastically interested to exploring the world of Virtual Assistance. I am positively hoping that with all these attributes, skills, and experience, I will be a valuable addition to your team.

Looking forward to hearing and working with you soon.
God bless, stay safe and more power.

For a copy of April’s resume please click here.