Benjo Garcia – Electronics Engineer

benjo-garcia-profileHello world!!!

Benjo is my name and Jake is my nickname, but most of the people are calling me Benj.

I’m an adventurous man. I always love to be one with nature and take lots of photos. I enjoy climbing mountains and bicycle riding with my friends. When I was a kid, I loved to draw anime characters. I remember back then I used to watch anime and dreamed of working as an animator or dubber. And to this day I still watch a ton of animated series. I’m also a singer and I love to play my guitar.

With the patience and perseverance of my parents, I graduated in one of the most prominent Universities here in the Philippines. During my time, when you graduated from a well-known University, you can easily find a better job. Today I realise that it’s not where you graduated from but more what skills you have.

My father is a strict man but he is my idol. He is a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. He taught me various things and how to be more disciplined and responsible for every decision that I make. I want to pass that mindset onto my kids too.

benjo-garcia-wake-boardingOf course everyone learns a lot from their first job. I made a lot of adjustments when engaging with the real world as a professional. As an AMT2 (Autoline Manufacturing Technologist Level 2) also known as operator technician, I improved my social skills, technical skills and interpersonal skills.

After getting married, I decided to work abroad in Dubai (U.A.E) and worked there as a Biomedical Field Service Engineer. I serviced and repaired LASER machines. The company also sent me to other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries like Qatar, Oman and Bahrain to service our clients there.

Being far away from my family was very hard but I endured everything to support my family financially.

Now as a father, I want to be a good provider to my little family too. My father recently passed away. I want to help my mother and support my younger brother’s education. I really need to work hard not for myself but for the people that I love.

I’m sure as I enter the world of Virtual Assistance, I can use my acquired experiences to do the job correctly and perfectly.

Happy To Serve you!!!!

For a copy of Benjo’s resume please click here.