Celyne Lae A. Aldemita – Customer Service Representative

celyne-aldemita-profileHi there 🙂 My name is Celyne Lae Aldemita.

I am the second among four siblings, and I am a mother of one.

I have been in the BPO Industry for almost 10 years now. I started working right after I finished college way back in 2009. I did this to support my younger brother’s education.

I worked with the human resource recruitment department, then realised that what I was earning was not enough to help my brother with his education. I then shifted and applied as a Customer Service Representative tier 1 under a telecommunication company and a travel account.

I worked as a CSR for 6 months, then was promoted to the agent management team. This is where we performed quality control of each agent’s processed tickets and itineraries. I did this job for two years then was promoted to Senior Specialist where I got to take escalations from customers. This position lasted for a year. I was then transferred to a telecommunications account for almost two years and was promoted as supervisor or team lead.

I was determined at first to accept the role and soon realised that growth within this position also came with great responsibility. I took the challenge and was able to overcome and surpass each obstacle with the help of my managers. I was very happy working with them for five long years, but then unfortunately the company closed down.

I still ventured out within BPO and was profiled for a banking account. I was able to excel still and was very happy with the work environment. I stayed with them for three years, but then an opportunity came along where I was presented with a bigger offer.

I am now currently with an insurance company working as a claims managing officer and have been here for 2 years. I grabbed this opportunity as it offered better benefits. I was already pregnant at the time and needed good benefits for my upcoming baby considering that I am carrying the responsibility of bringing him up alone.

I gave birth in August 2017 to a beautiful baby boy. He is a total joy in my life. My perspective towards life has changed ever since I was blessed with this little angel. I have realised that I would like to spend more time with him while working and I can only do that if I am given the opportunity to work homebased. If provided with this blessing, it will not only change my life but my son’s life as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 🙂

For a copy of Celyne’s resume please click here.