Cess Karlo Noquira – Administrator

VA Karlo NoquiraHi there 🙂 I’m Cess Karlo Noquira.

I am a product of a broken family but even with that, I am still blessed. My mum is a solo parent and I have lived with her ever since my dad left us.

My life is simple with my mum. We live in a small house near the city. Over the years I have witnessed how hard she worked just to get me into school – from pre-school all the way to college.

I was not born with a ‘golden spoon’ (let alone a silver spoon) in my mouth, in which we value needs more than our wants…

On the last year of my life in college, I unexpectedly fell sick which put me in bed for a month. We thought it was something serious like cancer (and luckily is was not!) but it became the reason why I was unable to finish college and what lumped us with a rather large debt.

After I fully recovered, it was very stressful knowing that we needed to pay so many debts associated with my hospitalisation. Looking back I realise how unprepared we were as we never had health insurance because at the time we felt it was not a necessity.

After a few weeks of brainstorming how I could help my mum to pay the debts, I decided that instead of continuing my study I would look for a job that would pay enough for our daily needs, and contribute to paying out my mum’s debt.

That was the moment when I first became independent.

I applied to various BPO companies and luckily Teleperformance gave me a break. It was my first job… and the first day of my training was the same day that our electricity was cut off because we had been unable to pay it for a few months. It was heartbreaking knowing that I was leaving my mum alone in the house with no electricity – especially with how humid it could be and no way to cool our home. But I did not lose my faith. I took everything seriously and worked as hard as I could, doing my best every day.

I totally started from scratch knowing nothing about the work at all. I remember my trainer saying that they didn’t need someone who was very intelligent and had the best communication skills. She said “no” what we need is someone who is hardworking and is willing to learn. “Be a sponge” – that is my mindset – right through to today. I think this focus is the reason why I have been successful in all of the companies I’ve worked with.

As a current team leader, I always inspire my people by drawing on the experiences I’ve had. I give them tips on how they can be successful too – by working hard, dedicating themselves to the job, and always staying positive.

Lastly, with all my experiences in life, I give them value, making them my inspiration to be a better version of myself every day.

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