Charlene A. Romualdo – Sales

charlene-romualdo-formalHi! My name is Charlene, you’re free to call me Cha for short. I was born in Manila, Philippines in the year 1996. Yup, you got that right! I am 23 years old now.

I only have one little sister and she is still in Grade 11. For me, having a little sister is a responsibility because she always looks up to me like I am her “idol” which I am flattered with of course! Haha! My mum is a housewife; she takes care of ALL of us and that is why I love my mum so much because I know how hard it is to be the one who cleans, cooks, does the grocery and budget for the family (we’ll get to that story later on). My dad works as a Customs Broker and believe it or not, he is 68 years old now and still working to provide for our needs and the education of my little sister.

My childhood was not perfect, but my sister and I were lucky because we have parents who are willing to do everything just to give us a good life. I may not have those designer bags/goods, but at least I can say that we have a decent home, we eat three times a day, and we have loving and hard-working parents.

And then, there comes my College years. I had to move out and live by myself because of the long travel hours from my charlene-romualdo-bondinghouse going to school. And we all know that the traffic in Manila sucks. Haha!

Living alone for the first time was quite a challenge because I am used to waking up to the smell of food and coffee from the kitchen. Being independent forced me to do all the household chores including COOKING which I’m not very good at! But of course, I got to learn it eventually… until I became so careless with my life decisions that I fell pregnant at the age of 19.

Yes, I have a daughter. She is now 3 years old and studying in Pre-school. To be honest, at first it was so HARD. I didn’t know where to start/what to do, that’s why I am very thankful for my mum because even though it was a very unexpected turn of events she never let go of my hand in this journey of motherhood.

Motherhood is like managing your own business; we run households, schedule play dates, plan trips, and even make lunches/dinner. We are drivers, booking agents, travel agents, short order cooks and receptionists all rolled into one. But also, motherhood taught me the importance of self-love. Don’t forget to give yourself a break, so that you’ll have the energy and commitment you need for others.

So I guess that’s it for the story of my life… haha!

For my working experience: I worked for an Oil Company for almost 2 years. My position was Management Trainee for Area Sales Manager. I had to quit my job because I wanted to focus on my daughter. I can’t accept the fact that she’s growing so fast and I’m missing a lot of her milestones. That’s why I’ve decided to quit and look for a work from home job.

Now that you know my story, I hope that I’ll get to know yours as well. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to working with you!

For a copy of Charlene’s resume please click here.