John Kelvin Cabayu

John Cabayu - Administrative Assistant, Junior Site Manager Hi! My name is John Kelvin. It's nice to meet you! My friends call me John or JK. I was born and raised in a small urban town located on the island of Luzon. I started going to school when I was four years old and I finished a degree in [...]


Christine Mae Lim

Christine Lim - Administrative Assistant My name is Christine. I am a mother, animal lover, wife, and an entrepreneur all in one. I loved reading books and even writing fictional novels when I was in high school, but stopped writing when I went to college because studying a medical course entailed much time and effort that I had to [...]


Princess Joy P. Bawe

Princess Joy Bawe - TellerHi! I'm Princess, 23 years old. Princess is just my name, it has nothing to do with having royal blood.I am the only daughter of my parents and I have two older brothers. I grew up in a farming community. I cannot deny the fact that it was difficult because we were financially challenged.Being the only [...]


Moises Garcia

I have worked as a Technical Support, as a Billing Specialist/Sales, and collaborate with the Program Manager and Heads. I became knowledgeable in Outlook, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint which I have never experienced from my previous jobs.