Cherryl Marie Sumogat – SEO Link Builder Specialist

cherryl-awitin-profileHello, my name is Cherryl Marie Sumogat, my family and close friends call me Cherry – and like a cherry fruit, I’m a sweet type of person. 😉 I’m from Iligan City Philippines.

I used to study Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education but I was unable to finish my studies due to financial problems.

I am happily married now with 4 lovely kids. Even though I married I did not stop seeking a job. I worked as a Counterperson in Dunkin Donuts for 1 year and then worked at Iligan Bingo as a salesperson. As a mother of 4 it is not easy for me to work outside of the home, and that’s why when I saw the opportunity in working from home I said to myself: why not apply?

To make my story short, I have been working as an SEO Link Builder for 5 years. In that 5 years I can say that Honesty, Hard Work and Good Attitude is the key to success. Knowledge can learned, but having a good attitude with God’s guidance is more important.

In 2018 because my husband didn’t have work, and the filed of Link Building became more competitive I decided to go to Hong Kong to work. But it was hard for me – as I was not used to being so far away to my family. The homesickness and stress cherryl-awitin-bondingpushed me into making the decision to return home, so I only worked there for 1 year.

Now I’m trying to apply as a Virtual Assistant. I fell that working from home is the place where I belong. I can share my knowledge and ability and I am willing to learn more to grow with this kind of industry.

I do believe everything happens for a reason – just keep believing in yourself and keep praying because God will make the Impossible Possible.

Thank you so much for reading my up’s and down’s story. Hope to hear from you soon!

God Bless and more power!!!

For a copy of Cherryl’s resume please click here.