Danilo Pacatan Jr. – Graphic Designer

danilo-pacatan-vaHello! I’m Danilo Trapela Pacatan Jr and I’m 24 years old. When I was a kid, I like drawing and painting, climbing trees, fishing, and playing with my friends. I also love reading books and watching YouTube tutorials to improve my skills and knowledge.

I was born on October 31,1997 in Tibungol Pandaitan Paquibato District Davao City, Philippines. I grew up with my loving family and I’m the youngest in the family. I like riding my motorcycle with my partner going to the beach, lake, falls, and mountains. I like swimming on the beach because it makes me feel relaxed. I also like going to the mountain to see the sea of clouds and see the beauty of nature. I have flower horn fishes and it makes me happy to watch them in their tank. If I have a problem, I always share it with my mom.

When I was in high school I ride my bicycle going to school. I love sports. I’m a taekwondo player and have earned some medals. I also like playing basketball with my friends and competing in tournaments. I also like playing online games. When I was in college, I became a huge Dota player. I joined a tournament called PSIT, which is a tournament in every school in the Davao region.

I studied at Davao Del Norte State College with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I love editing photos and web design. I like doing this kind of work. Using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, canva, Inc., and other editing software is really fun. I enjoy creating any design. I also love to edit videos and upload them to my YouTube channel. I create short films and advertisements.

danilo-pacatan-vaIn 2018, the year that I graduated from college, I landed my first Job in Phoenix publishing House with the position of Data Entry Support Staff/ Team leader. My tasks are editing tarpaulin and videos for the programs and also for the advertisement of the company, maintaining, compiled and entering records into the database, preparing and editing purchase orders, reports and emails, answer calls and client inquiries. There were a lot of problems we encountered, but lucky we easily solve every problem because of teamwork. As a Team Leader, I provide team guidance, instruction, direction, and leadership to every group of individuals for the purpose of achieving key successful results. Working in Phoenix Publishing House was a great experience for me. I learned a lot of things to improve myself and hone my skills. I ended my contract after 2 years.

After that, I worked as a Graphic Designer at Glence Printshop. My tasks were designing business logos, tarpaulin, flyers, food menus, and packaging. I loved my job because it fit into my passion and skills. I learned a lot of things and became an expert in Adobe Photoshop. Creating is my passion and I love my work. Unfortunately, I had to resign because of the pandemic The print shop had to temporarily close.

For now, I want to work online. Hoping you would consider me to be a part of your team. Thank you and God bless.

For a copy of Danilo’s resume please click here.