Darrell J. Advincula – ESL and Real Estate Agent

darrell-advincula-profileI was once a child who dreamt about becoming an astronaut one day. I liked looking at the stars and wondering why or how they are made. Why there is a sun at day and moon at night. I’ve been very curious about the galaxy and everything in it. Even now I still think about it.

Growing up with my grandparents is an unforgettable part of my life. It has a special part in my heart. As the only child of my parents and of the family, I felt all the love that I ever wanted in the world. But of course, nothing stays permanent.

In my teenage years, things started to get serious. It was still fun growing up, just not like when I was child. This was the time of my life where severe sadness would eventually hit me. Losing a family member felt like breaking my heart literally. You’ll never know when you’re going to lose one again.

Going to college I think was where my real world began. It’s where I had a lot of fun and maturity at the same time. I gained lots of friends and experienced being famous. Every program and performance at school was a way for me to stay alive throughout my college life. Being a Mechanical Engineering student is not that easy. I needed to balance my time with my studies and extra curricular activities.

darrell-advincula-sportI was a poor college student going to school, but I didn’t mind it. As long as there is a program at school and I’m asked to perform, everything would be fine. They provided me with everything I needed like food and allowance to keep me going for the day. It was a great experience.

I finished my course and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I worked in a biochemical plant as a trainee. Later on I found a job where English Secondary Language is needed to teach students. I liked it and took the job as well.

I enjoyed teaching and learning the English language. I felt like my students were my friends. It was just like having fun while learning. I enjoyed every moment of what I was doing. This is where I gained a lot of my experience talking and writing in English.

I like writing so much. It’s where I pour out my feelings and emotions into where I can put them into words. I write stories, poems, songs, and anything I can think of ever since I was a child.

I’m a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. On my Facebook page, I always write something about the team. Every time the Lakers play, after every game, I always post a report about what happened in the game. This is something that I enjoy about writing.

My name is Darrell. But I call myself Da Real. I want to show the world who I really am. I always want to be a realist. I want to fight for what’s right and do what’s right. I live for the truth. I can write more about it but for now I just have to explore more about new things and opportunities.

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