Juwibel Kevin Reyes – CSR and Quality Analyst

juwibel-kevin-reyes-formalHi, I am Juwibel Kevin, but people call me Ice, because why not? Who does not want to hear “Iced Caramel Machiatto for Ice”, and people will look around with their bubble thoughts “that’s a cool name!”

This is my story.

January 26, 1992, my mum gave birth to an Aquarius Warrior; and that’s when their life changed.

Unlike most kids, I grew up experiencing the hardship of life because we belong to the ‘average families’ here in the Philippines. As the oldest among my siblings, the only thing I can think of is how I can provide support to my family. My mum knows how to bake, so I told her to bake some cupcakes that I can sell in school. It gave us extra income and helped us survive.

That’s how my life has been from elementary to college. But don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. In fact, I am proud of where we came from. Without this experience, I wouldn’t learn how to appreciate the little things in life. But yeah, what a start, right?

juwibel-kevin-reyes-outdoorsDuring my college days, I slowly discovered my passion for photography, graphic designs and digital arts. I like drawing portraits. I started developing this skill until I was able to fully immerse myself to digital arts using Adobe Photoshop for my digital drawings. For photography, I remember using a disposable camera before as a tool to take photos. Oh, I love the processed photos from disposable cameras! It is just funny that I studied BS Computer Science, which is all about programs and codes and my passion is more on arts.

I took advantage of this passion during my Internship on my Alma Mater, and I served as a Junior Graphic Artist, creating cover layouts, magazine layouts, infographics, web designs and creative ads.

After college, I needed to take a step back and reassess things: do I start pursuing my passion or do I become practical and provide for my family? I chose the latter.

I started my career in the call center industry in 2013 in Makati as a Technical Support Representative and then was promoted as a Cluster Leader. In 2014, I needed to leave the company due to proximity and decided to venture into a new company near my place and stayed there for 3 years. At the second company that I worked for, I started as a Chat and Email Support Representative and after a few months, I assumed the role of Subject Matter Expert. Eventually, I was promoted as a Trainer and transitioned to a Supervisor role.

In 2017, I decided resign and applied to a different company, which I am still with right now. I started as a Technical Support Representative and after 3 months, I got promoted as a Quality Analyst.

I took some time to assess my career and I realised that I am persistent, dedicated, passionate and highly skilled so that I got to assume higher roles.

Now, I am venturing into the field of virtual assistance mainly because I want to better support my family while I am with them physically. Most Filipinos would agree with me when I say “If there’s any chance for us to spend time with our family, we will.” I had a background of creating graphic designs for private clients together with data entry and web research.

Right now, I can confidently say that I am the best of both worlds: I can deliver excellent customer service and I can creatively handle graphic designing projects. I value not only compliance but how proactive I am to speak up and share my thoughts especially if it will bring better value to the business.

For a copy of Juwibel’s resume please click here.