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Krisilda Durano

Krisilda Durano - CSR and E-commerce My name is Krisilda Kiamco, 28 years old from Cebu City. I am a single mum to a 7-year old boy. My work experience started as a part-time ESL teacher when I was 18. I had my first full-time job in a BPO company (office-based) doing a graveyard shift for 3 years. I was [...]


Jolan Legaria Canencia

Jolan Legaria Canencia - Customer Service and Administrative Support April of 2009, I finished a year stewarding course but I was studying marine engineering for 3 years before shifting. By June that same year, I got my first job as a Bingo card seller. It was a hard job because you have to sell the card every game and [...]


Darllyn Mae Lebiga

Darllyn Mae Lebiga - Customer Service Representative Hi, I’m Darllyn Mae but my acquaintances call me Darllyn or Darl. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Social Work. I obtained my license as a social worker shortly before our graduation. The reason for that was because I had to retake our mock board exam during summer class [...]


Maria Cristina Apostol

Maria Cristina Apostol - Customer Service, Administration Maria Cristina or Tin is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She is a Virtual Assistant with over 12 years of experience in the Freelancing world, focusing on making your life easier! She can help you organise your personal or business life and make [...]


Jedifel Marie Apurado

Jedifel Marie Apurado - IT Support Hi! My name is Jedifel Marie Apurado. Marie as they call me. I come from the Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. To begin with, I will start by telling you why I decided to resign from my previous company. Well, it was a tough decision but I had to leave because I needed [...]


Peter Raymund Loy Capili

Peter Raymund Loy Capili - CSR/TSR, Marketing Greetings! My name is Peter and I`ve been working online for more than 12 years now. I started way back in 2008 as a paid product reviewer of products/services offered online. It was like doing a blog review of a certain product and using some keywords given by the company. I ventured [...]


Ryan Flores Villareal

Ryan Flores Villareal - Customer Support Representative Hi! I'm Ryan Flores Villareal, Rhye for short. I have 2 siblings, the eldest is working at a BPO company in Manila, while our youngest brother is still studying. I started working at an early age. I was a service crew of McDonalds PH in our city. It was indeed a nice [...]


Aileen Joy D. Montemayor

Aileen Joy Montemayor - Finance and Marketing Hello! I'm Aileen, a skilled Virtual Assistant. I graduated with a degree in Financial Management. I may not come from a rich family, but I have the motivation to reach my goals. I am the eldest in the family, and because of that, I feel like all the pressure and hardship is [...]


Mitzi Andrea Gutierrez

Mitzi Andrea Gutierrez - Social Media Moderator Hi, I'm Mitzi! I am a 3rd year college student, currently taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics and I'm an Academic Scholar. I graduated Senior High School with Honours at the Philippine Christian University under the Humanities and Social Science program. I worked as a Transcriptionist last March in [...]