Edgar Ryan Ignacio – Social Media Marketing

egar-ryan-ignacio-profileHello! I’m Edgar, an expert in Social Media Marketing.

I was born in Central Mindanao, Philippines. Together with my sister, we were raised by our mother. She is a teacher by profession that is why we got free Primary and Secondary education. In my college days, I worked part-time in the office, which was where I was able to practice my degree in Office Administration.

After graduating from college, I worked at a private hospital as a Billing Officer. After months, I decided to work in a well-known company, Globe Telecom. I was a shop specialist. Our task was to perform sales, and entertain clients as they entered the store.

In 2017, I stopped working for a month to look after my newborn son as we couldn’t find someone who would look after him. A friend suggested that I consider working online. I was surfing the internet for job opportunities and then I secured my first client. I love spending time in the online world, especially social media.

Instagram is where I got interested the most. It’s a great platform to engage as a brand to your followers. We all know that more people are visual and prefer to see things than reading long stories. One image can mean a lot of things.

edgar-ryan-ignacio-bondingI’ve been seeing a lot OG Ads in various social media platforms. I asked myself “Why are there so many ads?” Then, I explored, studied and realised that these are great opportunities for me to learn and earn.

I enrolled myself in an e-commerce training. I did get some ideas about how Digital Marketing works. I got interested and since then I’ve been spending a lot of time on Social Media.

I also did a course in Udemy, which is Instagram Marketing 2018: A step by step guide to your first 10,000 followers. I’ve been studying Instagram’s algorithms and new functions in their every update.

Even if I have learned all these things, I am still willing to learn your company’s objectives, and do courses. It will be a great start for me to get a deep knowledge of your company’s goals.

For a copy of Edgar’s resume please click here.