Ellwellyn Solis Tecson – Graphic Design

ellwellyn-tecson-grdenHi there. I’m Ellwellyn Solis Tecson. I’m currently waiting for my graduation, so for now, I still consider myself an undergraduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication. Due to the pandemic, my university is unable to hold a graduation ceremony. I’m currently working online, a work from home position where I proctor students. I guide them on how to get and take the exam, but no I don’t provide the answers haha! This is my first job and I find it hard not to do anything that is related to my field of study. But I enjoy it somehow. I’ve learned new things in the short time of working online, with students as our customer base. As days passed, I feel like something is missing and here I am, looking for other part-time jobs that can fill in the gaps of what I want to do. I’m new to the employment industry and I want to explore more online.

I can do graphic design, photography, photo and video edits. Anything that is digital or traditional, related to arts. And as a hobby, I sometimes write fan fiction. Fictions that involve my idols, my friends and all. Just to practice my mind for something creative. Writing sometimes gets my feelings out, releasing what I kept inside for a long time. It helps me out a lot, but lately I have been trying to write but I can’t seem to find that perfect feeling for it. There’s still more to learn and find out.

ellwellyn-tecson-profileWorking online is a big advantage for the majority due to the situation of the world right now. And I think that’s also my advantage, to learn new things online and not be lazing around. Since I’m used to being online all the time and I can multitask, I think my future will do well with this kind of work, that’s what I believe. Working part-time is also my kind of way to distract myself from what I have to do in reality and online. So I think working with you guys can help me improve myself and apply it in my life, which feels overwhelming. I just hope I have the chance to work with you all, and learn more.

Thank you.

For a copy of Ellwellyn’s resume please click here.