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Ellwellyn Solis Tecson

Ellwellyn Solis Tecson - Graphic Design Hi there. I'm Ellwellyn Solis Tecson. I'm currently waiting for my graduation, so for now, I still consider myself an undergraduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication. Due to the pandemic, my university is unable to hold a graduation ceremony. I'm currently working online, a work from home position where [...]


Estrella Cristine Bonto

Estrella Cristine Bonto - Graphic Artist Hi! I am Estrella Cristine. You may call me either Estrella or Cristine. I’m employed as a Photo Editor in a BPO company in Davao. I have been working for 3 years there. My previous work was also as a Photo Editor for 3 years. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Computer Technology [...]


Rencel Telen Villanueva

Rencel Telen Villanueva - IT Support Hi, I am Rencel Villanueva - but just call me "Renz”. Sometimes people have mistaken me for a woman - but I am a man. I graduated from the University of Southeastern Philippines of Bachelor in Computer Technology. I am a married man and have one daughter. I want to prove that I [...]

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