Georgia Marie Israel – CSR and Technical Support Analyst

georgia-marie-israel-profileHi, Good Day! My name is Georgia Marie Israel, 26, from the Philippines. I’m used to being called George.

I am a graduate of Information and Communications Technology and I took that course for 5 years as I don’t want that specialty before. My dream profession was to become a grade school Teacher because I really like children. Since I decided to take my course, I eventually enjoyed it because studying Information Technology makes me feel “I’m one of a kind”.

I am proficient in MS Office, knowledgeable in PC Formatting and creating web design using HTML. I am also an experienced Technical Support Analyst wherein assisting customers is our main task. I am a hard worker and can adapt to any environment easily. I am more than willing to accept any challenges that may come along the way.

My first job was as a Loan Processor in a Finance Company, wherein, most of the time, I was entering our customer’s information to our database and of course processing their loans.

Second job was a Customer Service Representative for a US-based telco which is T-mobile (that started my BPO career) but I only lasted for 6 days because I did not pass the communication training. I was really devastated at that time because I thought that would be the start of my chosen career. But that didn’t stop me from moving forward to reach my goals in life and I believe that God is preparing me to become better.

My third job came, and this time I am a Technical Support Analyst (still in BPO). My first account was Dell Computers (handled Singaporean, Malaysian, Filipino, American and Australian customers), wherein we normally do troubleshooting over the phone and accessing their computers remotely if they are having a hard time doing it themselves. Working at Dell became my training ground in applying my knowledge as an IT professional. I was also promoted as a Team Case Manager and my task is to handle team’s cases, emails and escalations.

Right now, I am still working as a Technical Support Analyst and this time, it is with Optus, Australia’s second largest telco company. I mostly handle mobile and network troubleshooting. I am a full time worker there.

georgia-marie-israel-profileThe reason why I decided to work part time is because I want to help my family financially as I am the sole worker to my family. I want to provide them with a better life because they deserve it, and my younger brother is already going to University next year and I want him to finish his studies and become the person he really wants to be.

To be honest, I don’t have any experience doing freelancing, especially being a VA, but I confidently believe that my skills gives me what it takes to be part of your growing team.

As I am writing this story of mine, I am already thinking of my future working with you guys and I am very excited for when that time comes. I really hope that you consider me and I am looking forward to working with you all.

Your future VA,
Georgia Marie Israel

For a copy of Georgia’s resume please click here.