Helena Cantoy – Architect

helena-cantoy-profileHello! My name is Helena T. Cantoy but you may call me Ynna or Inah. I am 24 years old from Davao City, Philippines.

I was born in Libungan, North Cotabato but I grew up here in Davao. My mother had to give me to my aunt because she could not afford the living expenses together with my brother. I do not have any regrets or anger to my biological mother because I understand the situation. She still visited me and I still visited them when I was growing up here. I really worked hard so that my aunt (my second mother) would be proud of me. They gave me overflowing love, care, and respect like I was their own child.

I studied Bachelor of Science in Architecture and graduated in 2017. After that, I took an apprenticeship for two architectural firms. I wanted to try other opportunities like working in some firms internationally. I know my family dreams of me becoming an Architecture someday and it is one of my goals in the future.

For now, I want to explore more. I want to gain new knowledge and skills. One of my priorities now is to help my family financially. They are the reason I am working so very hard. I want to obtain a position in your growing company that will helena-cantoy-by-the-beachallow me to utilise my knowledge in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Drafting, Estimates and other skills related to my field that will help me continue with my personal and professional growth.

I believe that my positive attitude and strong desire to succeed will contribute to your company’s success. I am also willing to be assigned at the construction site where I can serve a practical application of my knowledge and at the same time, learn from practices of your experienced colleagues. As a naturally enthusiastic and hard-working person, I believe that I would make a positive addition to your team.

I believe this company would mould me to become a successful person in my field of career. My experience has prepared me to take on any challenges or duties entrusted to me. I am willing and able to work long hours to meet deadlines. I actually thrive under pressure and I am intensely ambitious in my career goals and objectives. I am looking forward to being a qualified VA in your company and start working within an awesome team.

For a copy of Helena’s resume please click here.