Irma M. Chichioco – CSR and Medical Biller

irma-chchioco-profileGood day! How I ended up being a VA and B2B agent…

Before anything else, I was a OFW in Taiwan. Salary wise, it is good enough to cater for my family’s needs. But of course just like any OFW stories.. HOMESICKNESS STRIKES ALL THE TIME!!! Working abroad is a big thing for a person to decide, especially for those who have a family of their own.

I experienced holidays, birthdays and other special celebrations without them and that leaves me crying in the corner because they are too far from me. When I decided not to go back to Taiwan, I started to browse the Internet for job postings. I was able to land a job in Makati. But I was residing in Cavite so it was really a hard time travelling to the office everyday.

I searched for online jobs and luckily, I found one that fit my qualifications. I’ve been working homebased since then. With this kind of job, I can be a mother, daughter for my mum, and a sister to my siblings all at the same time. I can also manage to have a vacation and not worry that it will be deducted from my salary (since my client has consideration regarding leave).

irma-chichioco-bondingDuring off-time, I take my kids to beaches so we can have our bonding time and of course for me to relax. Sometimes I will just treat them with a good lunch and sumptuous dinner. When systems are down, I can also use that spare time to play with the kids. And of course I can be with them on holidays and special occasions. This is the job for me since I am a widow with four sons who need my guidance.

Working online is great!!! The perks are you can be with your family even though you’re working. They are perks that money can’t replace. More time for your family, no traffic, no long rides going to an office. My sons are also happy with our current set up. They even contribute and encourage me not to leave this kind of work. I am really happy because at least once a month I can go for a sauna to relax and have my nails done every week.

This kind of job suits every single mom in the WORLD!!!

For a copy of Irma’s resume please click here.