Jaderick B. Rasmo – Appointment Setter

jaderick-rasmo-profileHi my name is Jaderick Rasmo, you may call me Jade. I know it’s an awkward name for a man, but I don’t mind since that name came from a precious stone.

I was born in Bacolod City but my parents got divorced when I was 5 months old and I grew up with my mum in Sagay City which is part of Negros province in the Philippines. I can say that life in Sagay is tough since most of the people there are working as small-time farmers. My mum got married to another man and I don’t have a good relationship with him. I have 8 siblings – so food, clothing, and education became a real problem.

Because of the financial problems, my mum sought help from my dad to support my education and my dad agreed since he has a better status in life. My dad took me to live with him together with my stepbrother and stepsister who grew close to me. Music is our mutual way of bonding.

My dream was to become a Police Officer someday but my dad didn’t want me to. He wants me to become a computer programmer or a technician – which is also something I like. So I did not waste my time. I studied well and graduated from Carlos Hilllado Memorial State College as a BSIT major in Computer Technology. I got a job as a computer jaderick-rasmo-ridetechnician in a computer maintenance shop and was loved by my boss and colleagues because of my positive attitude and sense of humour.

I love the job I had at that shop but I wanted to find a better job that could support all my needs since the shop was only giving enough to cover allowances for us newbies.

One of my friends asked me to try applying in a call center, which I did and was hired. I got promoted to team support, also got paid well, then got my apartment and sometimes I sent money to my mum and visited my dad, stepbrother, and stepsister and played music.

After 6 years of working in a call center, I had sufficient savings and so I bought a small house. Those 6 years were doing graveyard shift, which I don’t have a problem with. The only struggle that I have is transportation, which is kind of difficult to deal with because of heavy traffic. I researched home-based jobs and studied my strengths so I know what I am good at. Now I’m working at home using the knowledge and skills that I have learned from my previous jobs.

I can say that life is difficult. Continue your journey, just be true to yourself and be a blessing to someone else.

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