Jane Nkirukanwaorgu – Receptionist and Office Administration

jane-nwaorgu-profileHi! My name is Jane. Nice to have you here and thanks for coming to my profile. I am going to make this as short as possible, but you never can tell I could really take you on a lon…..g ‘story journey’ of my life! Still, I could decide to make it short but please be patient with me as I will make sure you enjoy every bit of information about your girl. Now let’s start. I am gonna hold you by the hand anyways so you don’t miss your way… Lolzzzz

Where are we?… hahahaha 🙂 let’s flow!!!! Are you ready? Guess you are super ready! Please do not forget to call my love, James, on the phone, perhaps you guys can hook up one of these days… hahahaha… You will get to meet and love him really the way I do. He’d love hearing from you.

I am friendly, approachable and gregarious in nature. If you have a party going on now… do invite me but make sure there are goodies to go round… 🙂 and boom I am there with you enjoying my life… after all I only have one life and not privileged for another!

I have worked as a personal assistant, front desk officer, part time home lesson teacher, social worker volunteer, freelancer, jane-nwaorgu-vabookseller… name it! I’ve done it! Do you know why? I love socialising and trying out new things I find extremely interesting. I worked as a PA for Jmarkleen Ventures and was in charge of admin and what have you. I enjoyed working as their PA and I love that feeling of knowing and deciding who gets to see my boss or not. Other thing I loved about my job is that, I got to go out with my bosses to social gatherings. I would tell you that my bosses recommend me to others even after my resignation to transition into a virtual assistant.

On my personal relationship, I have got a brilliant, cool guy I am in love with. He is my world and guess what, we are tying the knot hopefully next year! Can’t really wait to marry my best friend, lover and every day crush. Now a little info about how we met. On a beautiful bright morning like this, your girl was on Facebook chatting away… laughing too… when I got a message from this dude online. I replied, checked out the intruder’s (lolzzzz) profile. Wow! He is handsome! Did some more digging about him. From then on we started chatting… exchanged WhatsApp contact with him and boom, he invaded my heart, stole it and bam, I can’t have enough of him! Enough about my boo for now. You will get to know him more when you attend my wedding next year. Hope you would attend my wedding? Hugs! Hugs! Lolzzzz!

To my adorable cat, Pedity. Yes, her name is Pedity and I guess it kind of sound strange, right? Pedity was actually abandoned by the road side, left to die. I happen to be driving and I heard this kitten sounds coming from a polyten bag….. Oh my God! I approached the bag only to discover a frail looking cat. I had to bring her home and call the vet to check out on her. Within a week, my baby bounced back and made my life more interesting at home with me, mum, dad and two other younger siblings! But early this year, my pet, my Pedity said goodbye to me and joined her ancestors! Ummmm… cries, cries, cries! I miss you girl! I miss you baby! I miss you Pedity. I don’t think I am gonna replace you with another. We buried her on 13th April, 2019.

Now just to tell you more about me, my hobbies are socialising, playing games, cooking and reading. On my family side, I am the first child and daughter. That’s about me for now. If you want to know more about me, then let’s work together.

Thank you and hoping to join you soonest as a team member.

For a copy of Jane’s resume please click here.