Jemarie Viquera Banguis – ESL Teacher

jemarie-banguis-profileHi my name is Jemarie. You can just call me “Jem”. I live in Davao City, Philippines. I am a happily married woman with 2 kids. I will be very glad to share with you, a little bit, my life story.

FAMILY (Where I belong)

There are 5 members in our family. My dad, my mum, my older brother, me, and my younger brother. I’m the only princess – and of course my mum is the queen. 🙂

At a young age, I started to think about my family’s welfare. We were not born rich, yet we strove to survive each day. My family was full of love and hope when I was still young. Although we experienced a lot of difficulties we did not give up. Because we know that if we just do our part we will always find success.

EDUCATION (Degree Holder)

I graduated in October of 2011 in the course of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. My college experience was not as easy as was expected, and let me tell you why…

jemarie-banguis-babyBefore I entered the University I was worried that I might not be able to pursue my dreams. Given that we are not rich, and my dad doesn’t have a stable job, I was concerned about the finances. I looked for possible solutions to my concerns. I was able to find a good scholarship that would help me with my eductaion. The scholarship helped me pursue my course and it helped my dad and I to pay less for my tuition. And that was a great relief! 🙂


I served as a missionary in our Church after graduation. My experience in the mission field was not always easy. I encountered a lot of challenges: mentally, physically, and spiritually. I was also able to lead sister missionaries and I it was the most difficult part of my journey. I came across different personalities and different cultures. Although our cultures and traditions were not the same we still have one goal and that was to preach the Word of God. Overall, it was very a very fulfilling experience – I love my mission and I really love learning something new from different people.

MARRIAGE (My life now)

I’ve been married for almost 4 years now and we already have 2 kids. And I can say, “Marriage is not about money that you saved, but patience that you gained.” Here’s my story:

I met my husband in 2014 at my workplace. We were in the same church and were able to meet often. We started dated and built a strong relationship. Since both of us were working at that time, we decided to plan our future life. Our plans came to fruition and we are still working on our family relationship to grow stronger and stronger each day. 🙂


I’ve been teaching Korean students for 4 years now. I was able to help a lot of Korean students and even professionals. I met different personalities and people with different intellectual capabilities. It was fun and exciting but sometimes a bit frustrating if I couldn’t see any improvements at all.

I really love to help and to learn new things as well. I work with passion and I feel motivated myself by my past experiences. I know that if we strive to do better each day we will succeed.

“SUCCESS is my aim, doing better each day is my action.” I’m proud to introduce myself to you as a good and motivated person that you can rely on in the future. 🙂

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