John Kenneth De Leon Pagdanganan – QA, Social Media Manager

john-kenneth-pagdanganan-formalWay back in college, there was no such thing as this: a Social Media Manager. But due to the fast-growing number of users of different online platforms this profession came out. This kind of advertisement is very in-demand for small businesses and entrepreneurs – you can promote your business all over the world for free, grow your market and build awareness for your brand in easy and less cost effective ways.

First, I studied how to be a social media manager, and I thank God for giving me the patience to study all about social media. Being tech-savvy is the best skill to be effective in this job, you need to be patient and motivated to learn and study all things about this job, especially the main online platforms you will use to promote and advertise your business.

I was the store supervisor previously in a retail store, but I landed a home-based job and pursued this profession because I want more time to do what I love, which is playing volleyball, watching movies, and reading books.

In my own opinion, to be successful and effective in this position, you should know how to be creative to produce advertisements, posters, and content for your business. Your strategy to build awareness and promote your business is also a critical skill in this position.

To be honest, even though I’ve been in this job for almost a year now and counting, I’m still in the process of studying the most effective ways to promote the john-kenneth-pagdanganan-travelbusiness and reach our target market so they can become our buyers or business partners as well. Your idea and creativity is the key to reach your target market, and that’s why I learned to edit pictures, videos and posters using different tools to catch the attention of our prospect leads.

Planning, Critical, and Analytical Strategy is also the key to becoming efficient in this job. Your strategy may work today, but not tomorrow. You can generate leads today because of the content you made, but tomorrow the people may not buy it. You should always have plan B, C, D, E, and so on when your strategy is not working. Being in this fast pace industry you must think fast to create or make another plan to catch the attention of your target market.

This is my story about me pursuing this position. It was really hard, but I find it so fun that you develop your skills and yourself doing such things.

For a copy of John’s resume please click here.