Jon Mathew Strong – Client Relations Manager

jon-mathew-strong-profileHello! I’m Jon Mathew Strong but everyone else calls me James since that’s my phone name.

I’ve been in the industry for probably more than 6 years give or take. I first started as an inbound call center agent for a mid-sized center that handled a wide range of products from slimming tablets to facial creams. This was my very first job as an agent and I was eager to improve myself with whatever task was thrown my way and hopefully achieve a much higher position. Unfortunately, the account was dissolved and I had to move to a different center.

I then applied to a much larger company since I wanted to test the waters and see how much I’d improved with my skill set, and planned to acquire more knowledge and experience. I wanted to build up my resume and strive for a much higher position with this company but sadly that didn’t work out for me as the company was too “political” and toxic.

jon-mathew-strong-outdoorsThat’s when I discovered a midsize company that handled an e-commerce account which was suited to my skills. With every call, I applied the knowledge and patience (since most of the customers we’re irate) that I had gained throughout my career as an inbound call center agent. After a couple of years, our account, which I loved and had considered as a second family, dissolved due to the change of ownership. Fortunately, my skills had not gone unnoticed as the owners of the company hired me to be a client relations manager for them. I was learning every day with in new position, honing my skills and gaining new insights on how a call center runs, with its ins and outs.

All I can say is, with me as your VA you can be assured that your clients are in good hands, as I apply the knowledge and skills I’ve gained throughout the years – and as I still try to learn new things every day.

For a copy of Jon’s resume please click here.