Julila Bern Vega Hao – Customer Service Representative

julila-hao-profileI have been a team leader for a long time now, and I have worked with different accounts in the BPO Industry. Working as a team leader helped me develop my personality and made me become a more mature person. What I like about being a team leader is the ability to encourage the team to hit the goal, develop individual personal skills and motivate agents to become the best. I also love new challenges that make me learn new skills. I am fun, with strong self-discipline, very optimistic with everything I do and reliable in any given situation.

Being a team leader for 4 years has been a challenge and a fulfillment so far. Before entering in the BPO industry I was a registered Nurse working in a hospital. It was my dream job, however, I felt incomplete and that something inside of me was missing. So, I decided to change careers and applied in a BPO company as a Customer Service Representative. Starting in a new environment with a totally different job description was not easy for me, but I was happy maybe because of the friends I made and the challenging work we had.

After a year of being an agent, the door opened for promotions. I wanted to try new things and I’m always up for julila-hao-vacationnew challenges. I applied as a Subject Matter Expert. The job was to help CSRs look for answers, especially during a call, and assist with anything about the product.

After being a Subject Matter Expert, another opportunity opened for me. The job was to teach the product to new hire agents, and teach them the required skills. I applied for the trainer post and stayed as a trainer for a year.

Being a product trainer and teaching people new skills was very fulfilling for me. This was the missing piece I was looking for! I am happy working with people, helping them, and looking for any alternative ways to improve and motivate them. It was then that the team leader post was opened, and being an adventurous soul, I grabbed the chance and secured the position.

I discovered that it was the job I really wanted to do. It was the job that paved the way for me to motivate, train and help people that are in need. The fact that I am a very patient person is the reason why I like what I am doing. I have the patience to wait for improvement in a person and results to appear. It is a fulfilling experience when you see the person grow and develop as a result of the help you provided.

Looking back at my journey on finding who I am was absolutely a big realisation for me. Who I am, seeing my self-growth and development as a person, makes me proud of myself. I also know I will not just stop there. I have this desire to improve and learn more. I believe that I am still not at the maximum level of my ability and I know that I can still do much more. That is why I am always up for any challenges that can help me develop.

With everything I have been through, I am tough in terms of facing new journeys. I have always believed in the old saying “try and try until you succeed” – and it has always worked for me. Always try until you reach the maximum level version of yourself.

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