Karla Joy Sarueda – CSR, Data Entry and Lead Generation Specialist

karla-joy-sarueda-vaGood day everyone!

You can call me Karli. I spent my wonderful childhood in Iloilo, one of the provinces in Western Visayas, Philippines. I’m the eldest child among my siblings. That being said, I took the mandatory role of being the breadwinner of the family. We are a typical Filipino family. Our parents are strict and we follow certain guidelines of do’s and don’ts.

I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. When I was in college, I was part of our campus paper editorial as a feature editor. That was a great experience for me since I got to attend seminars and trainings.
I didn’t come from a well-off family. Right after college, I went to Bacolod City to work and live independently in the hopes of giving my family a better future and to be successful one day.

Life in Bacolod is not as simple as my life in the province. When I applied as a call center agent, I opened myself up to the real world. I saw a lot of opportunities for growth. I worked as a Technical Support and Retention Specialist in one of the prestigious companies in the US. I also worked with an online bank in the US where I handled compromised accounts and conducted fair investigations.

karla-joy-sarueda-vacationI can say there’s a lot of expectations from you in the real world. However, despite all the challenges, I learned that you need not lose yourself, your values and principles. Always be who you are. Success is when you are truly happy in a place where you always wanted to be. I’m still on the quest of finding that happiness, but I do enjoy every moment this life is giving me.

I have my creative side as well. I like arts. I love to draw and paint in my spare time and I also love photography. I like listening to music whenever I’m stressed. And oh, I play mobile legends to destress.

I recently decided to work homebased because aside from saving me from the hassle commuting every day, I know this is where I can find fulfillment while being with my loved ones at the same time.

I always value my work as it’s my bread and butter. Living independently through the years, I know that I am ready to face upcoming challenges with my head up high and with great enthusiasm.


For a copy of Karla’s resume please click here.