Katherine Panganiban – Customer and Technical Support Specialist

katherine-panganiban-profileHello Everyone! My name is Katherine but most people who are close to me call me Kaye. I was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Quezon City. I am the eldest among 4 children. I can say that I have a wonderful memory of my childhood days. We lived a very simple life but our mother made sure that we were always encouraged, taken good care of and nurtured. I dreamed of getting a college degree so that I could have a better life. With the help of my aunt, I was able to finish my education.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science Computer Science and had my first job as a programmer. Being the eldest in the family, I was so determined to help my parents and wanted to provide for their needs. I worked so hard and gave financial assistance to help raise my three other siblings so that they too would be able to finish their studies. Thank God we all did it!

After a year of working as a programmer, I was hired as a Customer Service Representative by an Email and Internet Company. This is where my passion and love for Customer Service started. I answered about 70-100 emails a day using CRM and later on started answering calls. Because I enjoyed my work so much, my efforts paid off. I was promoted as a Team Leader, then Supervisor and then Customer Service Manager.

katherine-panganiban-vacationWhen I was 25, my boyfriend and I got married after eight years of dating, and eventually got pregnant. I decided to resign from my job as per my doctor’s advice because I had a very delicate pregnancy. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage. But after 3 years of being a housewife, I became pregnant again and gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I dedicated my time to taking care of her because she was always sick and was often hospitalised. Six years later, I gave birth to another beautiful baby girl.

I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum and wife but since our financial responsibilities became bigger after having two kids, I started to look for work again. Since I stopped working for a long time, I was challenged to keep up with the fast paced environment in the BPO industry. I had to pass all my KPIs and made sure that I could still attend to my family duties. I also had a hard time adjusting to shifting schedules. Because of this, I have developed my time management skills to make sure that I can be a good and reliable employee without sacrificing my family’s needs.

Everything went smoothly until I had to resign from work again because my husband had to work overseas. I really wanted to reach my dreams but at the same time, I also want to spend more time with my kids especially now that my husband is away. That is why I am so thankful for opportunities that allow us to work from home.

Throughout my career, I have learned to always work hard and do well in whatever task is assigned to me. I value my superior’s trust and I always see to it that I make their lives easy. At the same time, I also want to make sure that my children will have the best care and encouragement from me as their mother. I want to give them lots of good memories just like what I had in my childhood days.

If given the chance to work as a VA, I am confident that I can easily learn and enjoy working from home. I am always open to new learnings.

I hope that you will consider me to be part of your team. Thank you so much!

For a copy of Katherine’s resume please click here.