Kevin Calos Arguilles – CSR and Administrative Assistant

Kevin Calos Arguilles VASharing my story is not as easy as what people may think… and there are a lot of things to remember and things to appreciate. My story is not easy where I overcame some difficulties in life – frustrations, depression, etc. but still I am standing and facing all the challenges in Life.

I am Kevin Calos Arguilles, 26 years old and from Valencia City, Bukidnon. I am the youngest child in our family. I am the bread winner and I fully support the needs of my father as he’s taking some medicine for his illness. I know it would not be very easy to accept all these challenges in life but I know Almighty Father is always there to guide me no matter what.

I have been working since 2011 so I haven’t finished my studies as yet due to some financial needs. I know working is not always easy – earning is not always easy – it requires one to be hardworking and have patience. I’ve been working as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 2 years where I got my first promotion as a Store Manager 3 days after I was working as a Service Crew. That experience was really an extreme one. I was only an undergraduate and didn’t have a degree, but they saw my knowledge and skills and saw that I have a great work ethic with regards to my tasks.

In 2018 I started working in the BPO industry as a Customer Service Representative for 11 months, and decided to stop as I wanted to stay at home so I applied for various jobs online. It was very challenging because I had to take part in a lot of interviews, etc. where you have to be very careful as that’s your moment to shine and showcase what you’ve got. I never gave up though. I faced many declines by the company where I applied and am still sending my applications through even up to now. I know God is with me, giving me strengths and wisdom to face those challenges in life.

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