Lady Krystel Enriquez-Paras – Administrative Assistant

krystel-enriquez-paras-vaI come from the land of the world’s tallest unsupported flagpole and will soon be home to the tallest tower in the world. Jeddah, a Saudi Arabian port city on the Red Sea, is the place where I cultivated my lifelong love of travel and the cultural and educational insights it provides.

Fast forward 18 years later…

I moved to the home of jeepneys and coconut trees – the famous paradise island called “Boracay”. It is in the Philippines, an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia that is situated in the western Pacific ocean.

Seven years later, after many sleepless nights of studying human anatomy and the science of saving lives, I realised that is not what I want because it didn’t fulfill me at all. I like the idea of being useful. Some call it “finding your passion” or “discovering your purpose”. I call it my life’s message. Imagine waking up every morning, ready to take on important work in an organisation that makes a difference every day.

It dawned on me that I could be an effective virtual professional. The superhero who helps you fight procrastination, the extra pair of hands working on your business during peak times, or simply someone who creates extra time for you by taking care of tasks you can’t do, don’t do or shouldn’t do.

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