Lavinia Domingo – TSR, Product Trainer


I’ve been in the BPO industry since 2012. My first job was a Technical Support Representative for one of the biggest Telecommunications Companies in Australia.

In 2014, I got promoted to a Level 2 Technical Support. The only difference is that I now handle end-to-end inquiries from signing up for service up to the disconnection of the service.

After a year, I was promoted again to a Product Trainer for the same account and company. I was able to facilitate new hires, cross skill, and up-skill training on all aspects of client projects – including soft skills and technical skills. I also performed administrative tasks such as creating and improving Training Curriculum, generating and maintaining training reports and trackers, and developing non-classroom communication, training materials, and presentations using Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs and sometimes via Cisco WebEx if we need to do a video conference with our lavinia-domingo-vaclients to help with the materials needed for the training.

By the year 2018, I received the same position as Product Trainer for a Food Delivery Service catering to the US and Canadian clients. We use Zoom, Slack and as a channel of communication with our clients onshore to implement new working processes that delivered continued improvements for our program and agents. I got to acquire better customer service skills that helped me become one of the chosen Trainer to be part of a new Sales program that we launched in Cebu and Ilo-ilo Philippines.

I also enrolled in Lean Six Sigma to be more systematic and help with critical thinking that will benefit me and the company to improve their processes, interpersonal skills, and the quality of their products.

I know that I will be able to gain more skills and experience becoming a Virtual Assistant and I look forward to working with you!

For a copy of Lavinia’s resume please click here.