Manilyn T. Noynay – Customer Service Specialist

manilyn-noynay-vaAloha! I’m Manilyn

I’m a mother of three, born and raised in the beautiful province of Cebu “Borbon”. I don’t know where to start my story, but let’s see how it goes…

Right after I was born my mum left me at my aunt’s house. My biological mum was nowhere to be found so my aunt decided to take care of me as her own. We lived together at my grandparent’s house. I never felt anything lacking in my life. She provided me with everything and anything she could – and became my mum.

We lived a simple life. When I was a kid I had always wanted to be an Astronaut because I wanted to pay back some of my ‘now mum’ (my aunt) hard work for me. Later on, I realised what I wanted was way too far from reality!

Then tragedy struck – I lost the most important person in my life – my mum, as well as my grandparents. And I was the only person left at that beautiful place that I called Home. You might be wondering how did I survive day-to-day being on my own. Fortunately, I had an aunt who lived abroad. She sent me to school and event today she still looks after me even though I have three kids!

My mum and grandparents had been in the crop business. So that’s where my strong ethic all started. When I was in college I started my own Ukay Business. It was just a passion that turned into an income. I saved my allowance and bought pre-loved clothes in BAGSAKAN CENTER and sold them online. Sometimes, I would also sell them during Intramural’s or Founder’s Day at School. I found it exciting but I admit I didn’t take it that seriously because I was busy with my studies for Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

In 2012 I began working for a Market Research Firm as a Market Researcher. It was a good company and I worked there for 6 months. That was when I discovered I was pregnant and decided to find another job that was nearer to home.

I applied for a position with a BPO Company that year, was accepted, and that’s how I built my customer service skills. I worked for 2 years as a Customer Service Representative for one of the retail stores in the US. After 6 months of hard work, I was promoted to SME. I wasn’t really expecting it, as I considered myself to still be a newbie at that time. I was very proud of myself. Who could have thought??

I gave birth and decided to apply for a Day Job and luckily I was hired by a Telco Provider in Australia. Not meaning to brag – I have received much recognition and promotions in the area of billings right through to Sales.

My key to success is that I compete with myself. What motivates me to work at home are my three ninjas (my kids).

With my 7 years of expertise in customer service and sales, I know I’m competent enough to join the virtual world.

For a copy of Manilyn’s resume please click here.