Mara Cristine D. Sandel – Customer Service Representative

mara-cristine-sandel-vaHi! I am Mara Cristine Sandel. But you can call me Ram. I’ve been using this name for about 3 years. I chose to call myself Ram because customers always pronounce my name incorrectly. They tend to say Maria, Marie, etc.

I’ve been in a BPO industry for about 3 years. I really love customer service, admin, reporting, and also – I love working at night. Since College I’m always wide awake in the evening and asleep in the morning and that was why I’m always late attending my first subject! With that timing I realised I wanted to work in a BPO company because of my body clock.

Right now, I am a single mom with a wonderful 7-month-old baby boy. He is the reason why I want to pursue my goals as a Virtual Assistant. I want to be near him 24/7 and while I’m working. As I love Office and Administrative Jobs it will be a great opportunity to work from home without leaving my son.

Right now, my Dad is the one who’s taking care of my son while I’m making my own path as a Virtual Assistant. My two mara-cristine-sandel-babyDad’s are very supportive. They are the reason why I keep following this path in my life. I want to give them my time, support them and give them all the best in the world.

I am newbie in this field but I am confident that I can learn. I can focus on my job and I love overtime. And since this is a homebased job it really fits with my personality because I love to work alone and the silent environment of my room will be perfect for that.

For a copy of Mara’s resume please click here.