Mark Paulo Tan – CSR and ESL Teacher

mark-paulo-tan-formalHi. The name is Mark Paulo M. Tan. I am 27 years old with a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. I am not yet married but my future wife and I already have a 2 year-old baby boy.

I have worked with countless part-time jobs that range from being an online ESL teacher to Chinese students, a waiter, cook and even as an Accredited Regional Tour Guide for the Department of Tourism. The main reason for the not so odd jobs is because I am the only breadwinner in my family and the sole child to my middle-class parents.

I basically grew up with most of the things I got handed down to me on a silver platter. But when I became a father, the fear of my family leaving me haunted me even up until now. I fear that being inadequate and not being able to provide for the well-being of my family would be the reason I’d end up alone that’s why when I had a full-time job as a customer service representative for two years, I had to look for a job as teacher on weekdays and as a tour guide on weekends.

mark-paulo-tan-workmatesEven now, it’s my goal to give my family everything they need from food, clothing and a roof over their heads to keep them safe. Because of the responsibilty that has been given to me, I always do my best to give it my all when I am working. I never relax for even a second to make my clients feel as though I’m not doing the job entrusted upon me.

Back then, I felt as though I didn’t have a future since I was too lax when it came to my studies in college. I then realised that all the part-time jobs I had applied for in the past gave me a lot of experiences to hone myself as an effective VA for clients. I used to have regrets in the past, but now that I have people relying on me, I snapped back to reality to further become a more responsible father, partner and son.

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