Mary Ann Richel T. Dy – CSR, ESL Tutor and Administrative Assistant

Mary Anne Richel Dy VAHi! I am Mary Ann Richel Dy.

A lot of my friends and colleagues jokingly say that I got “filled up” with a lot when there was a heavy downpour of talents and abilities. They considered me as a “jack of all trades”; that I could do so many things and achieve seemingly impossible tasks. I am grateful and humbled if they truly see me that way, but I wouldn’t really be that “filled” if I haven’t been inspired by my family.


I grew up as the youngest of two siblings and was raised well by my loving and dedicated parents. We lived a humble life in Cebu City, with my father as our breadwinner and my mother as a homemaker. My parents were my perfect examples of diligence, responsibility, and humility. My elder brother is my inspiration for creativity; he has been into visual arts since he was young. Such qualities have continually inspired me to go the extra mile in terms of my student and work life.


Mary Anne Richel Dy VAI was so passionate about the Arts including Music, Art, Literature and Theater since elementary. I joined choral groups and a couple of bands and performed in musical plays. I have designed posters, streamers, yearbooks, tickets, t-shirts, logos, and invitations for different school organisations. Yes, I wanted to enhance my creativity, but at the same time, hone my leadership skills. I was a student leader for my entire College life and served as an organiser of major events and other functions. I have been very passionate about writing, copy-writing, proofreading, joining essay contests, contributing to the school paper, and getting into other writing engagements.


I graduated with a degree in Education, major in English, at Saint Theresa’s College of Cebu, and immediately became a faculty member in the same institution. I taught numerous subjects, but I spent so many years teaching Arts and English. I was chosen as a mid-level administrator to supervise teachers, as well as interact with top-level administrators. I was given so many opportunities to initiate big events like concerts and intramurals, which helped me hone my administrative, organisational and interpersonal skills. I had to deal with persons of all ages and do transactions with concessionaires. I kept on saying “YES” to the challenges given to me. I loved to explore and excel in so many things. I did all of this for 8 years.


Things changed when I got married. I transferred from the city to a new home which was 25 kilometers away from my workplace; which is at least a 4-hour commute, back and forth. The traffic situation here in Cebu is quite complicated. Since I needed to have more time for my very young daughter and husband, I decided to leave the institution. I got my next job as a High School English teacher in a school in the next town from our home. It’s my 9th year as an educator, but I realised that I could go beyond the four walls of a classroom, and do the things that I truly love. So I decided to leave the academe-industry and be a freelancer. As of the moment, I am spending my extra time studying Social Media Marketing and applying what I learned to market a friend’s businesses. I have also joined a team of events and wedding coordinators, in which I also do invitation designing and prenup styling. I am now exploring opportunities for me to apply my administrative skills, organisational and leadership abilities, and aesthetic capabilities as a Virtual Assistant.

My life is an adventure. I mentioned so many things that may not be necessarily be related to the VA post, but I am very proud to say that all these years, I have genuinely lived these two words my entire life: PASSION and COMMITMENT. These are the gifts I could share with you and your clientele.

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