Mary Darleendy B. Vilbar – Customer Service Representative

mary-darleendy-vilbar-profileAs a fresh graduate in college, I immediately sought a job that could help me improve my skills, most especially in assisting people with their needs. Having been able to work in a BPO company as a technical support representative last year, I was able to experience how it feels to work and help people with their needs to make their lives easier.

There are a lot of things I have learned, including professionalism – because we always need to be professional even if we are sick or having our personal problems. We always have to be professional when performing our work. Also always being on time with no absences serves you well in the long-run. It will allow your bosses to put their trust in you. Also having good communication skills and the appropriate tone of voice helps a lot when dealing with customers.

In my on-the-job training in the last year of college, I practiced all the things I have stated above because I knew that really loving your job and doing it whole-heartedly makes everything lighter. Being an optimist also helps a lot.

In the BPO industry, being able to handle 70-100 calls per shift is no easy task. You couldn’t even drink water mary-darleendy-vilbar-by-the-beachbecause the next call was queuing. But, with the help of my determination and prayers for a healthy body, I survived it all.

Now, as my mother is an OFW to finance sending my sister to school, I have decided to work from home so I can take care of my sister while having a career. This will also help my mother financially and allow me to be a second mother to my sister.

I may not have an abundance of experiences but I am more than willing to learn everything that I need to learn to improve my skills.

I can say with confidence that I am trainable, and very flexible to complete any task assigned to me.

If you let me be a part of your team, I would gladly welcome challenges, adjust to them and not be a burden to you. You have my dedication and sincere commitment that I will do my best when performing the tasks that will be given to me.

Thank you for reading my story.

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