Maureen Marcos Pobletin – Process Coordinator, Bookkeeper, CSR

maureen-marcos-pobletin-casualGood Day!

I’m Maureen Pobletin, Mau for short. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. My On-The-Job Training was in a Bank, basically opening new accounts. After graduation, I tried to work in an auditing firm but that only lasted for a few months since the salary was not enough.

I heard from my classmate that there was a Japanese manufacturing company sending their employees to Japan. I applied and was hired on the spot, got regularised and was sent to Japan for training for continuous improvement of company products. I travelled to Japan, back and forth, for a couple of months and enjoyed the beauty of the country. I stayed with that company for 13 years and worked as a production operator and process coordinator. I handled production operators and imparted knowledge that I learned from training. I also facilitated month-end inventory. I loved my work, but as I got older, priorities also changed.

As time passed by, I realised that I wanted to practice my knowledge in accounting again. I went to Manila to try my luck, but what I found was BPO. I was a newbie again in this industry, and I was hired under Teletech-Telstra. At first, it was difficult to understand the Australian accent but as you go on, you learn to adapt. It was an amazing experience since Australians are good customers. I was assigned mainly on moving the service of the customer since that is a telco company. I processed the payments of customers or their request for a payment extension. Since I was a newbie and also a workaholic, sometimes I extended time in the office just to get things done and learn new things.

maureen-marcos-pobletin-bondingAnd then came the pandemic. I was in lockdown and not able to go back to work. And so I want to pursue this new career again. I did not waste any time during the lockdown. Since I already have the knowledge in accounting, I went on training on the accounting systems. I have some knowledge already on the Quickbooks online mainly on bookkeeping, MYOB, and Xero… and my learning continues. I believe in the saying: Whatever you want, there’s a Will! So determined! So, I will!

I hope to have a chance to work as a VA and grow with you.

For a copy of Maureen’s resume please click here.