Ivy David

Ivy David - Financial Planning Admin Assistant, Bookkeeper Hi, My name is Ivy David. I graduated from Holy Angel University last April 2003 with a degree in Finance and Management Accounting. I've been working for almost 18 years in different financial institutions. I spent almost 3 years in NepoMall under the accounting department, almost 8 years in SecurityBank, 2 [...]


Melliza Andrada

Melliza Andrada - Treasury and Accounting Supervisor I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accounting at University of Mindanao. I’ve worked as a Treasury and Accounting Officer for almost 10 years. Through that I was able to build myself confidence and trust from my Boss. I am blessed in having a complete and fortunate family. I am [...]


Diana Ramirez

Diana Ramirez - Bookkeeping I am a remarkable bookkeeper! What makes me remarkable? You will see when you hire me. I am a BS-Accountancy graduate. After graduation, I took the CPA board exam twice but unfortunately, it's not for me. But life goes on. I have worked since 2007 in 4 different companies in their finance departments. I was [...]


Monica Soriano

Monica Soriano - Accountant I’m Monica Soriano, a Certified Public Accountant from the Philippines. My family and friends call me Monette. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor in Accountancy in one of the most prestigious Universities in the Philippines and earned half of the required units in the Masters of Business Administration course. I passed the CPA board [...]


Kristiane Journe Aguirre

Kristiane Journe Aguirre - Certified Public Accountant Kristiane Journe Aguirre is a Certified Public Accountant who loves his job. He has 12-years experience of working in the industries of finance and customer service. He graduated from the Philippine School of Business Administration with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy with flying colours. He also took 18 units of Master of [...]


Christine Joy Yambao

Christine Yambao - Accounting Hello there! I’m Christine Joy R. Yambao, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and with a master’s degree in Business Administration at University of Mindanao. I am also an NCIII Certified Bookkeeper. But before graduating from college, I already applied for jobs – this is my way of practicing and gaining experience in [...]


Jenievacris Bogal

Jenievacris Bogal - Administrative Assistant, Recruitment Hi, I’m Jenieva but you can call me Jen. I am busy making history. I have always wanted to be part of history where I can impart my skills and knowledge to the younger generation. I am not into travel and sports because I prefer to workout and sleep when I have time. [...]


Marianne Pedrera Lilio

Marianne Lilio - Accountant Hello, I am Marianne Pedrera Lilio, 3rd, from the five siblings. I grew up to be competitive and independent. I believe that education is one of the treasures that my parents have, so I give importance to it. I worked hard to achieve my goals and dreams in life. I am proud that I got [...]


Mollen Lloyd Oliver C. Pore

Mollen graduated with Bachelor degrees in both Accountancy and Accounting Technology. He is familiar with navigating various software such as QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, Expensify, and Bill.com.

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