Jonnah Mae Varquez is the eldest of two siblings. She has been with Syntax Marketing for more than a year now working as a Virtual Assistant. A free spirited individual, Jonnah loves traveling and going on extreme outdoor adventures during her free time. Here are a few other interesting things we’ve learned about her.

1.) Aside from working as a VA, what other things are you passionate about?

Aside from working as a VA, I am very interested in music, sports and travel. I especially like going on extreme outdoor adventures, like mountain climbing.

2.) Do you have any other secret talents that you’d like to share with us?

Though I’m not a pro, I know how to work my feet on the dance floor!

3.) How do you balance your work and personal life?

On weekdays I focus solely on my work, after which I go to the gym. Then on weekends, I reward myself by climbing mountains or spending quality time with my family.