Merzel P. Cabahug – Customer Service Representative

michelle-cabahug-profileHi 🙂

I am a graduate of Diploma in Networking and Telecommunications Technology. Even though I was not able to practice my career, this background has given me an advantage when working in the BPO companies. I can easily understand the technical terms and troubleshoot my own workstation, particularly if the system is down.

Working with one of the biggest insurance companies in Australia has honed me. I am trained to handle Billing, Emails and perform Outbound Calls. These tasks have developed my multi-tasking skills. I was trained for 2 types of car insurance that have very different underwriting guidelines. It was very difficult at first but I was able to master the processes. I have been supporting my teammates and the other teams with enquiries regarding the policies that we offer. I was also performing Quality Audits for my team to make sure they are aligned with the business process.

I decided to work at home as I wanted to focus more on my family. I want to see my daughter grow. Some people may not understand my decision, but growing up without a parent to look after you is very hard… and I don’t want my michelle-cabahug-outingdaughter to feel what I felt before.

My father died when I was only 7 years old due to lung cancer. I have 6 siblings and my mother was a housewife. As life was very difficult, a year later, my mother flew to Australia were she is residing now. I grow up with no one to look after us and this made me a strong and independent woman.

In 2013 I fell pregnant, and my partner and I lived with his Aunt. His mother told us to build our own house in their vacant lot and she would have the lot put in the name of my partner. So we built the house, and just as we were about to move in, my partner’s mother decided that she didn’t want us moving in – she wanted to own the house instead. Of course, we were devastated. But I did not let this ruin me. Instead I use it to drive me to work really hard… and now we are about to move into a house we can call our own! FINALLY!

I recently joined an online training platform as I wanted to equip myself with new skills as we have to remain up-to-date with technology in this constantly evolving world. I am flexible, resilient and adaptable to change. I believe that if you want to master something, never stop learning – and that is my strongest skill.

I look forward working with you in the future.

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