Michael Reyes – Accounting, Bookkeeping

michael-sherwin-reyes-vaHi, I’m Michael and I might be your next Accounting/Bookkeeping virtual assistant!

I am currently working from home as an accounting professional with 2 years of experience specializing in handling the US and Australian clients. During my years as a student, I was very diligent and hardworking due to difficulties in life where I needed to meet the requirements of being an academic scholar for high school and college. Thankfully, I finished with flying colors.

After that, I studied for the board examinations and I got my Certified Public Accountant license in the Philippines last 2019 where I placed 17th. In addition, I also decided to take the Certified Management Accountant examination in the US last May/June 2021, which I studied for 10 months while I was working and successfully passed it also garnering the 2nd highest score worldwide.

I started my career with one of the big 4 accounting firms, Price Waterhouse Coopers in Manila for a year. My first work experience led me to be exposed to real-life accounting work which was really very different from theories learned in school – Full cycle auditing of large manufacturing companies, learning the different accounting cycles in practice, and constant communication with different professionals (managers/seniors in the firm as well as management of private companies we are auditing). I also learned the value of money and the hardships of living, as going alone in a new city was a first for me. Being exposed as well to harsh working environments like working 12-18hrs a day always reminds me to appreciate what I have today. And cherishing both professional and personal connections that I meet along the way was also one of the things that I kept in mind.

michael-sherwin-reyes-vaDuring the pandemic, I was forced to return to my home province in Pampanga, to my parents’ house. Here I started looking for opportunities to work from home; I did part-time work such as tutoring students in accounting and finance, being a personal virtual assistant (part-time) for a business owner in the US (until today) handling their books in QuickBooks Online as well as working for an Australian accounting firm (for 1 month), where I handled clients full end to end bookkeeping and used Xero accounting software, my tasks included weekly financial reporting, bank reconciliations, bills processing and invoicing, payroll and weekly KPI preparation.

After a few months, I found an opportunity to work full-time for a BPO company in my province handling clients in the US. I was assigned to an accounting firm and here is where I further enhanced most of the skills that I have relevant to working with foreign clients. It was also here that I was recognized as one of their highest-rated professionals on the team. Unfortunately, having a night shift schedule, became detrimental to my health and that led me to the decision of quitting the company.

Right now, I am looking for opportunities to fully work from home and use my knowledge and skills to help you with your accounting and bookkeeping. I may not have the most experience in years, but I can guarantee that I am a fast learner and I can adapt to different situations really well, in order to add value to your business.

For a copy of Michael’s resume please click here.