Mollen Lloyd Oliver Pore – Senior Accountant

mollen-lloyd-pore-workHey! I am Mollen Pore, your average guy who grew up in Davao City, Philippines. I am the second child among three siblings. Both my parents are currently working as government employees.

I graduated with both Bachelor degrees in Accountancy and Accounting Technology. During those years in college, I was a Representative Officer of the Accountancy and Business Administration (ABA) program and a Legislative board member in the Student Supreme Council. After graduating, I worked as an accountant in a US-based Accounting firm and was promoted to Senior Accountant after three years. I found myself enjoying my work and thought that this is my career passion so I decided to pursue my long-awaited dream of becoming a CPA. I studied accountancy in a different school while working full time as an accountant. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy after 18 months.

As an accounting supervisor, my responsibilities are staff coaching, being responsible for coordinating and ensuring effective performance of the team, and managing client relationships. I am familiar with navigating various software such as QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, Expensify, and I have solid accounting and bookkeeping experience, from recording of transactions, to financial statement preparation and analyses, on different business industries such as retail, wholesale, non-profit organisations, real-estate, investment, technologies, and management (fund related).

In my free time, I like learning songs to play in my guitar. I am a huge fan of alternative music and bands. I enjoy listening to Incubus, The Calling, Ed Sheeran and Simple Plan. Nobody taught me how to play the guitar. I learned how to play by myself and this is also what I am proud of. If I am passionate about something, I try my best to learn from others or by myself to achieve it. I don’t easily get discouraged. I keep going until I accomplish my aim.

mollen-lloyd-pore-vacationI also like playing online PC games during my leisure time. This is my way to keep my logic and critical thinking active. I also like the fact that I meet many competitive people online who help me develop my sense of teamwork and cooperation.

Another hobby that I enjoy is travelling. Whenever I get longer breaks or holidays, I group up with my friends then explore places that we have not been to before. Having a work and life balance is important to me. Travelling is one of the most effective ways to become more productive and consistent at work and that is why I try to do it whenever time permits.

Others might find our work stressful but as an accountant we think these are challenges that keep our interests up. I look forward to imparting my expertise and experiences to your company soon. I appreciate your time for getting to know me further. Have a good day, always!

For a copy of Mollen’s resume please click here.