Nathaniel Castro Pañares – CSR and Marketing

nathaniel-panares-profileHello, my name is Nathaniel Pañares – you can call me Nate.

To begin with, I’d like to say that my life was a roller coaster ride and never went easy, but, I never regret any decisions I did for myself and for what I am right now. I am lucky for having beautiful kids and a gorgeous wife. I don’t have a perfect life, nor excellent achievements in life, but I have a very blessed family. Why? Because they rarely get sick, we are very close to each other, my son is getting excellent academic achievements in school by maintaining Top 1 on the list. I can never ask for anything. My life is already perfect for me and I am very thankful for what I have right now as a father of two kids.

Now, let me share with you how I work as a professional…

I have been working as a Customer Care Specialist for the past ten years. During that time, I’ve developed impeccable phone, email manners and an ability to do various data entry tasks particularly on order online platforms. I am accustomed to working on multiple projects simultaneously and can offer new ideas to help you and your company grow and possibly surpass all goals and objectives.

nathaniel-panares-artistDuring my tenure, I have suggested and implemented process improvements in different companies. My experience with these companies has helped me improve my skills and leadership, honed my organisational skills, and has provided me with extensive knowledge on customer support in many areas.

I have been proficient in the English language both written and spoken. I also have wide knowledge in CRM systems used in different companies and knowledge and experience in Shopify, Schedule Management, Digital Marketing and Order Management. I have solid computer skills in MS office. If there are things needed other than this, I am very flexible and adaptable and can learn things quickly. Right now, I am engaged as a Marketing Virtual Assistant to a reputable company in the US.

My objective is to work side by side with my clients and bring their visions to fruition with quality, sincerity, integrity and most especially with a heart. Every freelancer in the same field is not exempt from the desire of making a profit. I, however, consider the matter as secondary. What matters most is the works’ IQ – Integrity and Quality. I offer the skills I have acquired through time to represent your company well to your customers. I trust you would find me to be well-spoken, energetic, confident, and personable. I am confident that the level of excellence you expect will be met.

I have no doubts that I am a very talented addition to your team and I’m looking forward to discussing the position and my qualifications with you in more detail soon. Let’s talk and work together as a team.

For a copy of Nathaniel’s resume please click here.