Rizza Arendaeng

Rizza Arendaeng - Executive Assistant Hello! My name is Rizza Arendaeng, and I've been working as a Professional Virtual Assistant for the past two years. I'm a single mom to a sweet little boy named Lucas. Being a single mother is difficult, and it's easy to feel as if you're fighting alone, it's the hardest part of it, but [...]


John Paul Lambo

John Lambo - Customer Service Representative Hey there! My name is John Paul Nicko Lambo, JP for short. It's been a rough year last year not just for me, but for the rest of the world too. But if there's anything that I am thankful for, it's that my family is safe, and work from home opportunities are emerging [...]


Joy Bien R. Cuales

Joy Cuales - Administrative Assistant, eCommerce I am Joy Bien R. Cuales, you can call me Joy. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology Major in Early Childhood Education at St. Paul University Quezon City. I started working in 2014 as an admin support associate at 51 Talk English Philippines and after a year, I got [...]


Jovel S. Hinampas

Jovel Hinampas - Administrative Assistant Jovel S. Hinampas, LPT at your service! "Before the reward, there must be labor.” These were exactly the words that have been planted in my mind since my childhood days. That is why, during my elementary and Highschool days, I graduated as a Class Valedictorian. College is tough. I graduated last 2018 with a [...]


Diana Ramirez

Diana Ramirez - Bookkeeping I am a remarkable bookkeeper! What makes me remarkable? You will see when you hire me. I am a BS-Accountancy graduate. After graduation, I took the CPA board exam twice but unfortunately, it's not for me. But life goes on. I have worked since 2007 in 4 different companies in their finance departments. I was [...]


Catherine Martinez

Catherine Martinez - Administrative Assistant Hello! I’m Catherine. You can call me Cathy. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Psychology and master’s degree holder in Guidance & Counseling. I’m a Licensed Guidance Counselor too. I became a mother 2 years after I finished college. I was working in the BPO industry for 6 years thinking it’s [...]


Roeza Joyce dela Pena

Roeza Dela Pena - Administrative Assistance, Bookkeeping, and Writing Hi, I am Royce and I would love to know about you too. Let me share some things about me so we can get more comfortable moving forward. I am passionate about writing and I never shy away from expressing my points of view. I also love playing the guitar [...]


Arvin Mojica

Arvin Mojica - Administrative Assistant Hi my name is Arvin Mojica, and I am an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. I am 39 years old and living a happily married life with my two kids and with my very supportive wife. I have more than 5 years experience working as a Customer/Technical Support Representative in the [...]


Ionie Mae Guzman

Ionie Mae Guzman - Customer Service Representative My name is Ionie. I am 34 years old and I have years of experience in Customer Service. I started working when I was 18, and my first job was as an Outbound Caller offering fat burners. This was one of my most memorable experiences as it is the foundation of my [...]


Kwin Santonil

Kwin Santonil - Administrative Assistant, Tutor Kwin Patrixia Santonil - a stay-at-home mom and competent admin assistant that has a heart for business. Hello! I'm Kwin, read as queen but in a different spelling. My name came from my dad's name but in a different jumbled up letters. I started my online full time career when my son was [...]

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