Nicole Donica R. Villares – Customer Service

nicole-donica-villares-profileHi! My name is Nicole Donica Villares, 29 years of age. I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old little girls.

I worked with different BPO companies for almost two years as a Customer and Technical Service Representative.

At first, I told myself that I can’t survive the environment of a Call Center because of the time differences. But as months went by, I learned to adapt and enjoyed working the graveyard shift.

Even though I don’t get to spend my nights with my kids and I don’t get to sleep with them, I have been happy knowing that I was able to get to send my eldest child to school.

Working in the BPO industry may be stressful, but it teaches you a lot of lessons like multi-tasking and dealing with different types of customers.

nicole-donica-villares-outThe work environment has many upsides…

… In fact, working in a BPO company can be a lot FUN! You get to hone your communication skills, gain new friends, and support your financial needs.

The best part of being a Customer Service Representative is that after helping a customer, you’ll feel happy and satisfied knowing that you solved their concerns. Although there will be some struggles along the way, these experiences will help make you the best representative in the near future.

My motto in life:
Work hard. Enjoy life. Let go and Let God.

Thank you for reading my story.

For a copy of Nicole’s resume please click here.