Oscar Miranda – Graphic Designer

Hi – my name is Oscar.

I was born on Nov 18, 1989. I am a single child of parents working in a small family business. My childhood days were happy and worth remembering with great fondness.

Moving forward, in 2003 I entered John Bosco College, a local High School in our region. My high school days were awesome! I was a member of the baseball team. I also played in the band during school events and festivals.

Midway through my senior year of high school, I experienced a very unfortunate event. Our house and store was burnt down, along with our neighbours. This event impacted my ‘happy days’. My family and I were forced to live on the rooftop of our store – a very small place that was not conducive for comfortable living. Our businesses suffered badly, and my family were not able to cope up with it.

In 2007 I graduated from high school. With all of the burdens and unfortunate events, I decided to enroll at a State University far away from my city. I studied Electrical Engineering. And when during my third year I failed the course, I transferred to Metallurgical Engineering. This time my grades were better. I guessed this might be the better path for me.

Since my family never recovered from the business downturn, I made the decision to be self sufficient and self fund my studies. Looking for opportunities, I took the chance of working remotely… and started my career as a Virtual Assistant. When I thought I was set and enjoying a blossoming career and good income, I was struck the most unfortunate event in my whole life. This was one of my worst nightmares… my father became very ill and died. It was a time of my life that I was not even prepared to consider. Of all my frustrations in life – my studies, the business troubles and now… the untimely death of my most beloved persons on earth.

Fast forward…

In the year 2014 I graduated from my studies and looked for work relating to my enrolled course. I worked as a supervisor in a Gold processing company for a year. Yet I found I wasn’t able to obtain the happiness that I wanted. The responsibility of the position and long hours with little vacation leave eventually took a toll. I never had time for myself or my loved ones – and there certainly was no work-life balance in the mix. I eventually resigned from my position and went back to online work. This work allowed me to manage myself and achieve work goals, while giving me the flexibility to also spend time with those who matter in my life.

I continue working online today. And with my almost 10 years of experience as a VA, I have acquired knowledge in designing, realty, and video editing (among other skills). I still endeavour to develop and learn more many skills online as one day I hope to establish my own network and company. So I guess that’s my life story so far…

For a copy of Oscar’s resume please click here.