Pamela Hermanoche – Customer Support Expert

pamela-hermanoche-workI believe in the saying “when the going gets tough the tough gets going”.

We are seven children in the family and I’m the only girl. As the typical family with a lot of mouths to feed, I can say that our finances are just enough to cater for our day-to-day needs. Even though I’m the third child, I have always known in my heart that it is my duty to help and support my family.

I took numerous part time jobs just to continue and support myself in college. I worked as a technician in an electronics company. Even though I know that I did well in my job, deep down inside, I knew that there was something missing. I wanted to explore and meet new people, connect to their story and build a lasting relationship. Then one of my friends introduced me to the world of BPO.

With my determination and passion, I took a bus going to the big city. I passed the interview and got the job. That was the first time I had a monthly salary that was more than what I needed. I realised that as long as you help yourself grow and you aim high, there is nothing that could stop you from becoming what you’ve always wanted to be.

pamela-hermanoche-vaI kept on going, learned new skills, and took a lot of online trainings as a Virtual Assistant. Whenever I’m at my desk working, I still cannot believe that I am where I am now. I have the job that I used to only dream of.

From the little skinny girl who used to sell candies and vegetables on the sidewalk, to a corporate mum who works and manages everything in the comfort of my home. I can confidently say that as long as you have a dream and you keep going for it, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Right now, I like sharing my knowledge with others. I like helping them and seeing them grow because I know how it feels to wish for someone who can guide and help you reach your dreams.

Hope you got to know what kind of person I am based on my story. How about yours? I want to know you more.

For a copy of Pamela’s resume please click here.